Stanley Cup abord Sunburst Yacht Charters

Published in Uncovering Florida

Want to live the life of luxury for a fraction of the cost? Of course you do, and Sunburst Yacht Charters is here to make that dream a reality with their 82-foot Sunseeker named Vanguard, captained by Wendy Clark and her first mate, Christian Foito.

“Our full-time captain, Wendy Clark, has been the star of our operation since she joined our team in 2019,” Dustin Swope, 28, managing partner of Sunburst Yacht Charters said in our exclusive interview. “Both she and our full-time first mate, Christian Foito, have worked tirelessly to keep the Vanguard showroom-ready and deliver the highest-end experience for our clients.”

But having a fully-captained and beautifully maintained yacht are only two of the many highlights offered by the locally owned and operated company.

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