Your Invitation Awaits

As we go through life, we begin to understand that life is full of priceless irreplaceable moments. It’s those moments that make us feel deeply. When we wake up each morning, it’s those moments we come back to – that remind us why we started. Why it all truly matters.

Aboard Vanguard, you are brought back to that place. Where no ‘perfect’ words need to be spoken, except felt. The sense of thoughtful design and a sense that this moment in time was curated just for you.

Vanguard is our invitation to you to step into a portal where those perfect moments transform into stories. With the pen in your hand, remember that possibilities are endless. This is your story, welcome aboard.

Meet Vanguard, our one-of-kind 84’ Sunseeker Luxury Yacht. With immense craftsmanship, Sunseeker designed her in the United Kingdom at their Poole, Dorset shipyard.

She is captained and crewed with seasoned and professional experience. Our charters are personalized and curated for your individualized vision of your trip out on beautiful Tampa Bay waters.

Our charters include food, our Captain and crew, fuel and the wonderful amenities for you to enjoy such as a Dinghy, SUP, and more.

Vanguard adds a special touch to your occasion and outing. We offer Sunset Cruises, Day Cruises, Overnight Cruises, and even Weekend cruises to beautiful destinations on the West Coast of Florida.

With so many options in this day in age, we choose to celebrate timeless and personalization. We’re here for the details, creating that unforgettable smile of a birthday celebration, marriage proposal, and any other meaningful moment in your life.