Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When considering a yacht rental, you may have some questions, we are here to provide you with the answers. Below we have included a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) however we also know you are likely to have some specific questions or requests which is why we always encourage you to call our team at (813) 273-5828 to discuss your experience with them. Our team has experience working with hospitality groups around the state to exceed the needs of our guests. If you represent a performer or other individual with a hospitality rider please be sure to provide that to our team while booking your event or excursion. 

Unlike most other charter yachts, all of our packages that involve a cruise are priced to include the USGA licensed Captain, a First Mate and a Steward (on board server).The Vanguard exceeds the safety requirements for all USCG Uninspected Vessels. 

Because of the COVID 19 exposure, we disinfect the yacht before every charter, require all of our staff to have their temperatures taken day of the charter, and for your protection, we require our crew wears protective face masks. Masks and separation for your family and guests are left to your discretion.

Our goal is to always exceed your expectations and leave everyone on board ready to come back for another trip. Our crew takes great satisfaction in a well-executed trip, and that is typically evident by compliments from our guests as they disembark. Tipping is entirely optional and at the discretion of guests, industry standard is about 10% of the total charter and pooled among the crew.

Our galley includes state of the art Stainless Steel Miele appliances. They include a refrigerator, freezer, microwave, sink, burners, and 17’ x 14’ oven.

Every one of our guests is a V.I.P. and receives the same treatment afforded to entertainers, athletes, or anyone else you might expect to utilize our services for rest and relaxation with family or a fun time with friends. We also respect the privacy of all our clients and while you are free to ask who we have met we are sworn to secrecy.