Meet Out Crew

Our Captain: Wendy Clark

Wendy has been our full-time captain since the early stages of the Sunburst Yacht Charter operation. She was born and raised in Southern California. While attending college in California, Wendy worked on a yacht in Newport Beach. She soon worked her way up in the deck department from a no-stripe deckhand to the vessel’s first mate. She earned her US Coast Guard endorsed license as Master 100GRT Near Coastal in 2016. Wendy then moved to Tampa to captain one of Tampa’s Starship Cruises yachts with her spouse and dog before joining the Sunburst Yacht Charters family.

First Mate: Christian Foito

I will be your First Mate, Christian Foito. I am a 100-ton certified captain, and a college graduate in the field of Marine Science. I earned my sea legs on my grandfather’s fishing charter vessel in Connecticut, and moved to Florida with my Fiancée Layne to find some warmer weather. I am at my best when I am fishing, and I love being on the water. When it comes to marine ecosystems or marine life, ask me anything!