Explore Everything the Vanguard has to Offer.

The M.Y. Vanguard is the pride and joy of our operation, an 82’ Sunseeker yacht with one-of-a-kind interior and exterior customization that oozes elegance.

The Vanguard is organized into three stories, or “decks.” Guests enter the yacht through the stern stairs that lead to the middle deck lounge, with a six-person bench seat, three deck chairs and a beautiful custom hardwood table. Through the multi-panel sliding glass doors are the salon, dining room table, kitchen, and breakfast lounge. The Versace-designed interior weaves together polished wood, granite, marble, and suede for a modern, yet regal atmosphere that would put a smile on anyone’s face.

The salon features two four-person couches and a smart TV equipped with satellite wi-fi which is available across the entire boat. The kitchen is fitted with a full fridge and freezer, pantry, microwave, convection stove, and sink, as well as plates, bowls, silverware, glasses, mugs and champagne flutes. The dining room table comfortably seats eight people.

Below the middle deck are the living quarters. A stern-side stairwell leads down to the master bedroom, which provides all the privacy and comfort a discerning guest could hope for. The master bedroom features a queen bed, a walk-in closet, and two-sink bathroom with a shower, jet tub and bidet.

Following the bow-side stairs down, guests will find three bedrooms: The “VIP” bedroom straight ahead with its own bathroom and walk-in closet, twin-sized bunk beds to the left of the stairs, and side-by-side twin beds to the right of the stairs with a shared bathroom between the two twin rooms.

Returning to the middle deck and exiting through the sliding glass doors to the middle deck lounge, railed walkways on either side of the boat lead to the bow, which sports one six-person day bed and a four-person bench. The exterior of the Vanguard has been outfitted with a four-zone Bluetooth surround sound system that lets you control what parts of the yacht are devoted to dancing and karaoke, and which parts of the yacht you can still carry on a conversation in.

Also from the middle deck lounge, a set of stairs on the starboard side leads to the upper deck, or the “fly bridge.” The fly bridge has been outfitted with, from the stern forward: Two lounge chairs, an eight- person wraparound bench seat and dinner table, a serving bar complete with a mini-fridge and sink, the upper helm, a forward-facing seat for two, and another three-person day bed. Needless to say, you and your guests will have no trouble getting comfortable on our yacht.

The Vanguard’s final selling point is its hydraulic swim platform and smaller six-passenger boat, called a “tender” or “dinghy.” The swim platform can be submersed about a foot below the water level, which allows our crew to easily launch the tender for your convenience. The swim platform also provides a no-hassle access point in the event guests want to go for a swim once the yacht is anchored.

The M.Y. Vanguard is defined by luxury, but don’t take our word for it. Instead take a virtual tour and see for yourself.