Cost of Tampa Bay Yacht Excursions Listed Below

Are you ready to take your well deserved day off and enjoy it at sea? Our excursions were carefully crafted for you in mind. From island hopping here in Tampa Bay area, to enjoy a beautiful West Coast sunset – this one that will leave you with an experience you won’t forget.

Sunset Excursion. Time Range: 2 hours – flexible times.


Half Day Excursion. Time Range 4 hours. EDT/ETA 12PM-4PM


Day Excursion. Time Range: Full 8 Hours – ETD/ETA 10AM-6PM.


Multi-Day Excursion. Time Range: Flexible. Enjoy a day excursion and stay dockside at one of our beautiful marinas in Florida. (The yacht will be at docked at night, docking feeing will apply).

$10,000/day + $1,600/night*

*United States Coast Guard regulations limit the number of guests on board at any time to 12*